Having your own salon is a great experience and can be very rewarding.  Many first time shop owners, however, don’t fully recognize the importance of having good beauty salon furniture. It is more than just a part of a salon’s overall aesthetics.  It is absolutely crucial to have an appealing, warm and pleasant atmosphere for your clients for it is one of the best ways to capture and retain your best clients.

This can be accomplished first and foremost with attractive furniture in beauty salon that compliments and enhances the surrounding areas of your salon.  The modern salon owner knows that looks count right down to the littlest of details such as the waiting room and the product display cases.   Be sure your salon is stocked properly with products on clean and dust-free displays so that all useable space is utilized to its fullest for maximum business gains.

Here are some things that you should consider when it comes to choosing the best and most suited beauty salon furniture for your shop.

  1. Make sure your reception desk gives your clients a good first impression.  Project a professional image so they will have the confidence in your beauty treatments.
  2. Make sure your reception seating is in good condition.  Broken or worn out reception furniture creates a really poor impression.  Comfort is your number one priority as you want them to enjoy your waiting area.  Have adequate chairs in your waiting area and a small table to hold the various magazines for your clients to read while waiting their turn.  A television also helps clients while away the time.
  3. Make sure your salon chairs have the support and adjustments needed for comfort while allowing your expert beauticians to perform beauty treatments.  Comfort and adjustability will bode well for your clients, stylists and beauticians.
  4. The beauty stools used by your beauticians will need to be adjustable for comfort and ease of performing their work.
  5. Have trolleys to hold all the beauty equipment that your staff need.  These trolleys should have wheels to move from station to station.
  6. Have plenty of wash units so that you can wash and prep your clients’ hair before cutting it.

Your salon furniture is a smart investment that will yield higher revenue and profits in the short run as well as in the long run.  To stretch your investment dollars, it all starts with purchasing tasteful, durable, comfortable, and stylish beauty salon furniture for a reasonable cost.  You will recoup the upfront investment very quickly.